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My 12 years of Traditional Usui Rhyoho Reiki

💖✨ Over the past 12 years, my journey with traditional Japanese Reiki practice has been a profound exploration, marked not only by a learning curve but also an evolving energy curve. When I initially embarked on the path of Shugendo within this system of Reiki, my routine was simple. I would commence my practice, often at the early hours of the morning, sitting in quiet contemplation with a steaming cup of tea before me—a symbolic altar representing the elements essential to my journey.
In those early days, my practice was just that—a practice. I would kneel with my cup of tea, engage in energy exercises, and then seamlessly transition into the demands of my day. However, as time unfolded, so did the depth and beauty of my energetic experiences. It's a beauty that I'm still, in a way, acclimating to—an ongoing process of understanding and navigating the ebbs and flows, the ping pong phases where practice intensifies or momentarily wanes.
Yet, throughout the twists and turns, I've retained the foundation cultivated through 12 years of unwavering dedication. My gratitude for the practice has grown exponentially, recognizing its capacity to bestow restorative calm, peace, and exquisite beauty. It has become a sanctuary during challenging moments and a conduit for magical experiences. Recently, after a session of meditation and chanting the Gokkai, I reflected on my energetic journey—a graph of time dedicated versus energy experienced. The line, initially low and long, now ascends nearly vertically, symbolizing the transformative peak I've reached.
Contemplating this surge of energy, my focus shifts to integration. How can I seamlessly weave this heightened energy into my daily life? It's a transition that, at times, feels surreal—a contrast to the years spent grappling with chronic pain and the complexities of endometriosis. There are moments of self-judgment, a clash of zen-like states and the realities of everyday life, and the scrutiny of societal expectations.
However, the profound changes brought about by Reiki practice are undeniable. Even during periods of hiatus, the benefits persist, waiting to be resumed whenever I choose. The challenge lies in overcoming the perennial "I don't have time" mindset. I ponder the possibilities of carving out more space for this practice in my life, curious about the ripple effects it might produce as its energy permeates every aspect of my existence.
In sharing the teachings of Reiki, my aspiration is for others to embark on their own learning and energy curve—a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. May you, too, experience the transformative magic that unfolds along this path. 💖✨

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