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'Light Breathing' I've done It! I've created a little guide for a big beautiful energy upgrade practise

Firstly a I just want say I Hi, I'm still navigating and learning how to use wix and i was amazed to find alot of lovely messages about wanted to connect after Mansfield MBS and It was a wonderful surprise but I'm conscious I've not replied to anyone yet so I will make sure I answer all of your lovely messages. I have currently been out of touch with the website adjusting to van life and and also at the same time I'v3e been adapting and develping energy cultivation exercises because to me they are the core of spiritual development to support you through the many years of your journey. I have myself been practicing ancient Japanese energy exercises for the last 13 years mainly ther most important exercises have been grounding and storing energy in the Hara, the area 3 fingers below the belly button. I wanted to adapt these exercises to make them accessible to everyone without being part of a system or teachings just simple internal energy exercises that give you the ability to cope with the difficulties in life as well as raise your 'cone of perception' and awareness spiritually through a very gentle and gradual amount of time by regularly practicing energy cultivation exercises. Here is my link to my patreon account where my downloadable booklet is available. I've been developing these energy exercises daily and nightly over the last 5 months one you learn them you will be able to incorporate these simple energy exercise into your life gradually increasing your vibration whether you are working with overcoming a chronic illness flare up or wish to progress your spiritual development. Guided recordings coming soon! Light Breathing, A Complete Spiritual Energetic Development System | Patreon

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