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Hi There I'm proud to share my first ebook with a complete spiritual embodiment practice 'Light Breathing'available as an ebook!

Light Breathing for Recovery and Resilience, transformation and manifestation!

Ok I'm really happy to be sharing a whole spiritual development system that is based on simple exercises with the goal of energy embodiment to raise your vibration, restore depleted energy and build on that everyday with a beautiful practice. If you have already bought the earlier PDF this is a more updated version contact me and i will sell you the updated version with extra information included for free

Welcome to Light breathing, simple energy cultivation techniques for recovery, resilience and transformation. The practices have been developed to make energy work as a transformative spiritual path to be accessible during the difficult times when spiritual practice can be difficult to sustain with low mood, low energy and negative repeating thoughts or strong physical pain and chronic illness. These practices are explored in the comfort of your own bed rather than in a seated position so that you can remain comfortable.

In this book I have included an extra technique the lotus light breath and also additional ways of working with the light breathing. if you have already ordered my PDF but would like a copy of this complet version I will send you a PDF version of this book for free <3

These practices have been developed to carry you into empowerment, lifted mood, mental emotional resilience, increase recovery time as well as a practical approach to spiritual development, raising energetic vibration of light frequency by embodying energy into your energy field. The practices are simple but powerful focusing on the embodiment of the fundamental energies of our existence.

All of these practices have been adapted to be practiced with little preparation and to be used whilst in bed. So that no time has to be found to practice these energetic tune up exercises. It’s very common for spiritual practices to drop during times of stress, illness and crisis. Energy practices laid down in the bed require not formal preparation and provide comfort during those difficult times and help provide strength for recovery from states such as overwhelm, depression and anxiety. You can call off this light breathing method in the midst of struggling with pain or exhaustion at the times when it can feel in need of some


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