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Meet Amelia


Transformation Starts Here

            Meet May Borroff

 Traditional Japanese Reiki Master, Inner Dance, Incan Shamanic Medicine Wheel, Healing voice

Hi my mission is to create a space where individuals can embark on their healing journeys with support, compassion, and empowerment. Through my years of experience, continuous learning, and personal connection with nature, I am dedicated to providing transformative healing experiences that promote holistic well-being.

Energy work is my passion I truly believe energy work at our foundation is what creates sustainable shifts in our lives and filters it's through our mental emotional well being and our physical health, receiving reiki to heal my endometriosis in 2008 is where my path in energy work started, going on to train in Shinpiden level of traditional Japanese Reiki with Frans Steiner, Shamanic Incan medicine wheel with Joe Molloy and Inner Dance facilitator training with Katie Holland I find that all of these healing and self development tools all compliment each other on a path to transformation at a deep deep level

In the depths of my being, a knowing unfurls, To Connect Earth's heart with a the universe of  pearls. A tapestry woven with our sacred art, Binding together what feels worlds apart.

Hi I'm May Charissa Borroff , I grew up in the only house in Sherwood forest, as a child my life was sherwood forest, surrounded by a 1000 ancient oak trees and the beautiful habitats of this ancient woodland. On my spiritual journey I've come to see how much this has deeply imprinted on me as a child of the forest I have a deep instinctive knowing of the forests energy within me and inspired a powerful heart based meditation inspired by the energy of the trees. My calling into healing was my journey with an extremely painful chronic illness endometriosis. My journey of my healing has led me further and further down the rabbit hole of the existence human energy field and how to release painful emotional imprints and empower with light through the use of energy work practices,  Reiki has been my living practice since 2008 and I'm keen to share traditional Japanese reiki, I received the vajrasattva empowerment from the Dalai Lama in 2009. My fascination with nature became a spiritual path leading me to learn about a language of the universe and sacred fractal geometry.  Living practice of energy work unexpectedly activated a  kundalini awakening in 2017,  from which I have been forever changed and been challenged with finding practical ways of engaging in shadow work and finding balance of strong energies. I've trained intensively over the span of the year to learn the shamanic Incan medicine wheel which has felt completely natural to me as a really direct way of working with trauma and repeating patterns. Training as an Inner Dance facilitator is where I bring years of knowledge and experience together in a profound journey of inner Alchemy 

Why Naturopathy

Why Transformative Energy Healing, Reiki, Shamanic Healing,
Inner Dance, Access Bars?

All of these modalities I find compliment each other for healing and self development by focusing on different levels of the energetic self and also can be helpful to work with what feels right for you at the time these are the ways my energy work can help you


Subconscious and Energetic Awareness

Energy work often involves accessing and working with the subtle layers of consciousness, including the subconscious mind. It can bring awareness to deep-rooted patterns, fears, and unresolved issues that may be influencing our experiences and behaviors. By becoming aware of these patterns, we gain the opportunity to transform them and create positive shifts in our lives.


Engaging in energy work empowers individuals to take an active role in their own healing and transformation. It offers tools and techniques that can be practiced independently, allowing individuals to cultivate self-awareness, self-care, and self-empowerment. This sense of empowerment can lead to transformative changes in all aspects of life.

Holistic Approach:

Energy work takes a holistic approach to healing, recognizing that we are multidimensional beings with interconnected physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. By addressing the energetic components of our being, energy work supports a comprehensive and integrative healing process that encompasses all levels of our existence.

Balancing and Clearing Energy

Energy work focuses on balancing and clearing the energy flow within the body, including the chakras, meridians, and aura. When energy becomes stagnant or blocked, it can lead to physical discomfort, emotional imbalances, and mental distress. By releasing these blockages and restoring the harmonious flow of energy, energy work promotes a state of balance and vitality.

Energetic Healing

Energy work can target specific areas of the body or emotional patterns that require healing. By directing healing energy to these areas, it can help to release energetic imprints of past traumas, negative emotions, or limiting beliefs. This process can support deep emotional healing, facilitate the release of stored tension or trauma in the body, and promote a sense of overall well-being.

Expanded Consciousness

Energy work can facilitate expanded states of consciousness, allowing us to access higher levels of awareness and spiritual insights. These states of expanded consciousness can bring profound clarity, connection with our inner wisdom, and a deeper understanding of our purpose and life path.

Transformative Healing Therapies


As a Shinpiden teacher of traditional Japanese Reiki, certified by Frans Steine of the International House of Reiki, May has been deepening my experience with Reiki through traditional methods since 2011 and Started her reiki path learning in 'western reiki' since 2008 which helped May to overcome her chronic pain from endometriosis. May is excited to offer you the insight and the experience of the Inner teachings of Usui Mikao's system of Reiki.

In terms of Mays training, my first reiki master taught me western Reiki in 2008 and later Japanese reiki from a lineage Via Chris Marsh and Taggart King in 2011.Since thenshe's been practicing beautiful Reiki self cultivation energy exercises, chants, that form a deep relationship with Reiki that she loves which led her to training in Reiki Master Shinpiden Reiki. May trained with Frans Steine world class reiki teacher who has not only trained with a member of the Reiki Ryoho Gakki he also researches and dedicates to practices in the mountains of Japan with teachers of the origins of the roots of Reiki with shinto, Tendai, Buddism, and shugendo which deepens our practice and understanding with clarity of the traditional form of Reiki.

Traditional Reiki has followed a more recent and more direct path From the Reiki Ryoho Gakkai the Reiki society that Usui founded. The perspective is very much about embodying the experience of reiki, to become reiki rather than the western perspective of channeling reiki. It is very much a beautiful personal practice in addition to hands on healing. This involves the 5 key elements of Reiki, practices to deepen into the experience of Reiki in your life and what you will be able to offer as a Reiki Healer. You will receive self-practice exercises to strengthen your experience and understanding of Reiki and deepen your spiritual development. Contact Halcyon Healings for 1 to one Training and attunements.

Reiki Treatments

Experience the profound healing benefits of Reiki through tailored treatments. During these sessions, you will emerse into the energy of Reki, and restore balance to your entire being. Whether you are seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, Pain, stress or requiring energetic support during difficult transitions, Reiki treatments can bring you a sense of peace, renewal, and vitality.

Distance Reiki Healing

Distance healing offers a unique opportunity to receive the benefits of healing energy, regardless of your location. Open yourself to the possibilities of deep energy shifts, a oneness with reiki and your own healing potential, increased clarity, and a renewed sense of well-being.
Whether you seek physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, May's compassionate presence will guide you towards a state of profound relaxation, restoration, and inner balance.
Upon placing your order, May will reach out to you via email to arrange a special time for your distance healing session.
By setting aside a minimum of half an hour for your distance healing session, you create the space to fully immerse yourself in the healing experience. 
Note: Distance healing sessions with May Borroff are available for £45. Reach out to her today to schedule your session and begin your transformative healing journey.

May has tailor made a playlist of peaceful music to accompany your session.


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Inner Dance

Inner Dance

What Is Inner Dance?

Inner Dance is a modality that invites you to embark on an inner journey of self-exploration and healing. Rooted in ancient wisdom and modern understanding, it embraces the belief that each of us holds within us the innate capacity to heal and transform. By accessing the energy flow within our bodies, we tap into our own inner wisdom and initiate a process of self-discovery and personal growth.

The Inner Dance Approach:

The Inner Dance Approach:

Pi Villaraza, the visionary behind Inner Dance, has dedicated years of study, practice, and refinement to develop this transformative modality. With a deep understanding of energy, consciousness, and the human experience, Pi has created a space where individuals can access their inner realms, release blockages, and activate their innate healing potential. May has trained in Inner Dance with Katie Holland a direct student of Pi Villaraza

How does Inner Dance Work?

During an Inner Dance session, you are guided into a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. Through gentle music, breathwork, and guided meditation, you are invited to journey within, connecting with your body, emotions, and spirit. As the session unfolds, your consciousness opens up, allowing energetic shifts, emotional releases, and profound insights to occur.

The Benefits of Inner Dance

Inner Dance offers a multitude of benefits for individuals seeking healing, growth, and transformation. Some of the potential benefits include:

  1. Emotional Healing: Inner Dance helps you to access and release deep-seated emotions, traumas, and limiting beliefs, allowing for emotional healing and freedom.

  2. Physical Well-being: By working with the body's energy flow, Inner Dance can promote relaxation, stress reduction, and physical healing, supporting overall well-being.

  3. Spiritual Awakening: Inner Dance serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth and awakening, helping you connect with your higher self, inner guidance, and the interconnectedness of all things.

  4. Self-Discovery: Through the exploration of your inner landscape, you gain insights, clarity, and a deeper understanding of yourself, your purpose, and your life path.

  5. Empowerment: Inner Dance empowers you to take an active role in your own healing and transformation, nurturing self-empowerment and personal agency.

Experience Inner Dance with May

If you are ready to embark on a profound inner journey of self-discovery and transformation, I invite you to experience Inner Dance with May With her intuitive guidance, nurturing presence, and deep understanding of the human experience, May creates a safe and sacred space for your healing and growth.

May offers individual sessions and group workshops that allow you to delve into the depths of Inner Dance and discover the incredible power within yourself. Each session is unique and tailored to meet your specific needs, facilitating a deeply personal and transformative experience.

Take the first step towards healing, growth, and self-discovery. Book your Inner Dance session with May Borroff and unlock the infinite potential within you.

What People Say About Inner Dance

Incan Shamanic Healing

Incan Shamanic healing

Incan Shamanic Healing Sessions: Drawing from the traditional Incan healing methods these sessions delve into the ancient wisdom of the Incan culture. To be able to offer these healing I have undergone a journey through the Incan medicine wheel over a year where I myself has gone through healing transformations learning the way of the Illumination healing process, recieved empowerments and so to have my shamanic tools been trough a transforrmative process the stone becomes a Khuya, In quechuan this means dear friend. Each time I circle through the medicine wheel the deeper I connect with the medicine of the Incas.

Through the illumination process, we journey together to the root of long-standing issues, stories that have kept you stuck, repeating patterns, using shamanic tools I remove energetic blocks and imprints on a deep level, solid/heavy energy extractions entity/spirit and fluid energy extraction dissolve old soul contracts that hold you back, and create new healthy patterns to change the course of your life path. These sessions bridge the gap between traditional Incan healing and the modern Western mind, providing a unique and transformative experience.

"Shamanism was humanity's first psychotherapy. It remains the deepest and most comprehensive psychology we have ever known." - Carl young

This quote highlights the profound therapeutic and transformative aspects of shamanic practices. It recognizes the shaman's role as a healer and spiritual guide, who works with individuals to address not only their psychological well-being but also their spiritual and energetic dimensions. Shamanic practices have long been recognized as a holistic approach to healing, encompassing the mind, body, and spirit in the quest for wholeness and balance. The use of ancient archetypes offers the shaman a resource of different  perspectives to call on informs their healings methods to call on with a client

Shamanic healing in this form can be the healing to come to when you have become uncomfortably numb with issues in life that seems to be taking the reigns in your life when you feel like you deserve to be heading in a better direction. May can look at the root and start to remove heavy energies imprints and soul contracts that have been silently informing your life from the shadows. If you feel this way book a session and we can work to make shifts

Fire Rituals

Fire Rituals

Step into the transformative power of an Incan shamanic fire ritual and experience a profound journey of healing and renewal. This ancient practice, rooted in the wisdom of the Incan traditions, offers a multitude of benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

May has had a lifelong relationship with the spirit of fire and was her first healing practice she connected with intuitively before finding any other healing methods. Part of Incan shamanic training is holding sacred fire rituals. A practice to release what is no longer helping and bring in what is sacred to your path. This can be a very beautiful way of acknowledging milestones and transitions in life. The fire spirit loves to be talked to, sung to and prayed to,

Step into the transformative power of an Incan shamanic fire ritual and experience a profound journey of healing and renewal. This ancient practice, rooted in the wisdom of the Incan traditions, offers a multitude of benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

  1. Purification and Release: The sacred fire serves as a purifying force, helping to cleanse and release stagnant energies, negative emotions, and old patterns that no longer serve you. As the flames dance and consume what is no longer needed, you are liberated, creating space for new growth and positive change.

  2. Energy Clearing: The intense energy of the fire acts as a powerful cleanser, purging energetic blockages and restoring balance within your energetic system. It helps to remove obstacles, attachments, and unwanted influences, allowing your life force energy to flow freely, revitalizing your being.

  3. Transformation and Renewal: Fire is a symbol of transformation and rebirth. Through the ritual, you can connect with the elemental energy of fire, embracing its transformative power to ignite profound shifts in your life. It offers an opportunity to let go of the old, embrace the present moment, and welcome new beginnings.

  4. Connection with Nature and Spirit: The fire ritual provides a sacred space to connect with the natural elements and the spiritual realms. It deepens your relationship with Mother Earth, the elements, and the unseen forces that guide and support us. It enhances your spiritual connection, allowing you to tap into ancient wisdom and receive guidance on your path.

  5. Healing and Empowerment: The fire ritual is a catalyst for healing at a deep level. It can facilitate emotional healing, releasing trauma, and bringing emotional balance. It empowers you to reclaim your personal power, reconnect with your inner strength, and embrace your authentic self.

  6. Intention Setting and Manifestation: During the fire ritual, you have the opportunity to set clear intentions and offer them to the fire. As the flames carry your intentions into the universe, they gain momentum and become a powerful catalyst for manifestation. The ritual assists in aligning your energy with your desires, amplifying your ability to manifest your dreams and goals.

  7. Spiritual Connection and Ceremony: Engaging in a fire ritual is a sacred ceremony, honoring ancient traditions and connecting with the collective wisdom of those who have practiced before us. It deepens your spiritual connection, creating a sense of reverence and presence as you participate in this sacred act.


Participating in an Incan shamanic fire ritual can bring profound healing, transformation, and spiritual growth. It is a sacred practice that honors the interconnectedness of all beings and the transformative power of the elements. Allow yourself to embrace the transformative fire, surrender to its wisdom, and experience the profound benefits it offers on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution.

Access Bars

Access Bars 

Access Bars is a modality that falls under the umbrella of energy healing and was created by Gary Douglas in the 1990s. It involves gentle touch and focuses on stimulating 32 points on the head known as "Bars." These points correspond to different areas of life, such as money, control, creativity, body, joy, sadness, and more.

During an Access Bars session, the practitioner lightly touches these points on the head, allowing the energy to flow and release any limitations, beliefs, or patterns that are stored in those areas. It is a non-invasive and relaxing process that aims to facilitate change on various levels.

Access Bars is not limited to specific conditions or issues. It is believed to address a wide range of areas, including stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, relationship difficulties, and overall well-being. It is considered a holistic approach that works on the energetic level, promoting relaxation, clarity, and a sense of ease in both mind and body.

It's important to note that Access Bars does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Instead, it is intended to create space for greater awareness, expansion, and change in one's life. The effects of an Access Bars session can vary from person to person, and some individuals report experiencing deep relaxation, improved mental clarity, increased creativity, enhanced relationships, and a general sense of well-being.

If you are interested in receiving Access Bars sessions or exploring its potential benefits, it's recommended to reach out to a certified Access Bars practitioner who can provide more information and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

What people say Access Bars has created for them

A more peacefulmind | Increased relaxation | Improved outlook on life | Stress relief | A space to replenish your body | Increased energy and creativity


Nothing beats a journey to the EarthSky HeartSpace. Forever grateful for experiencing a true heart chakra opening, Beautiful meditation x - Ruth Truswell


May's meditations rock!

I always feel calm and refocused after coming to one of her group meditations.

May's energies are beautiful. She is so genuine.

thank you May - Will Docaster

— Jimmie Clayton

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